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C U R R I C U L U M   V I T A E

Personal information

First name:
Last name:
Division of Organic Chemistry
Department Chemistry
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
100 44 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone (work):
+46 8 790 90 10


2016 - 2020
PhD in Chemistry (with Prof. Licheng Sun and Prof. Olof Ramström)
Division of Organic Chemistry
School of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health, KTH
2014 - 2015
MSc in Chemistry
Research Institute of Chemistry
Kharkiv National University, Ukraine
2010 - 2014
BSc in Chemistry
Department of Organic Chemistry
Kharkiv National University, Ukraine
2007 - 2010
Secondary education
Physics and Mathematics profile
Kharkiv Academic Gymnasium #45, Ukraine
2008 - 2009
Specialization in Mathematics
Advanced mathematics track
Kirov Summer School for Talented Youth, Russia

Work experience

2020 - 2022
Postdoctoral researcher
Division of Robotics, Perception and Learning, KTH
2020 - 2022
Postdoctoral researcher
Division of Organic Chemistry, KTH
2015 - 2016
Research Engineer
Division of Organic Chemistry, KTH
Laboratory Assistant
Kirov Summer School for Talented Youth, Russia
2011 - 2013
Chemistry Teacher
Kharkiv Academic Gymnasium #45, Ukraine
2010 - 2012
Lecturer in Advanced Algorithms
Summer School for Talented Youth, Kharkiv, Ukraine
other experience
Software Engineer
part-time collaboration with Salford Systems, US

Work and research interests

– Efficient algorithmic programming
– Representation learning and generative models
– Computational molecular design and AI/ML applications in chemistry
– Sustainable energy (catalysis, functional materials for solar fuels)


– Swedish Consortium for Artificial Photosynthesis (CAP)
– "Catalytic Composites for Sustainable Synthesis" (CATSS)
– "Molecular caging", with RPL, KTH, and Rice University, Houston, US

Supervision experience

2021 - 2022
4 PhD students (KTH, RPL, co-supervised)
2021 - 2022
Master thesis (Johan Hammarstedt, KTH, SEB)
Master project (Maurice Biedermann, ETH)
Master thesis (Allan Starkholm, KTH, co-supervised)
Bachelor project (Augustin Braillon, INSA Rouen)
Master project (Pamina Kazman, TUM, co-supervised)
2011 - 2013
2012 - 2013

Teaching experience

Lecturer, course co-developer
FDD3359 Reinforcement Learning, KTH
Interaction of Geometry and Machine Learning, KTH
2015 - 2016
Teaching Assistant
KD2390 Selective Organic Synthesis, KTH
Teaching Assistant
Bioorganic Chemistry, Kharkiv National University
Laboratory Assistant
Kirov Summer School for Talented Youth, Russia
2011 - 2013
Chemistry Teacher
Kharkiv Academic Gymnasium #45, Ukraine
2010 - 2012
Lecturer in Advanced Algorithms
Summer School for Talented Youth, Kharkiv, Ukraine


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Conference contributions

20th ICAR, Ljublana, Slovenia (conference paper)
23rd EuCOMC, Helsinki (poster)
Student session at Holger Erdtman Lectures, KTH (talk)
CAP, September meeting, KTH (talk)
AI4X, Stockholm (talk)
1st National Meeting of SCS, Lund (poster)
256th ACS National Meeting, Boston (talk)
22nd ICOS, Florence (poster)
9th AES, Stockholm (poster)
25th Organikerdagarna, Umeå, Sweden (poster)
5th ElChem, Ivanono, Russia (poster)
CECP, Bad Hofgastein, Austria (poster)
CKR, Kharkiv, Ukraine (talk)
Advanced Problems in Chemistry, Kiev, Ukraine (poster)
CKR, Kharkiv, Ukraine (talk)

Volunteering and organization

2018 - 2022
Jury member
Young Researchers Exhibition (Unga Forskare)
2017 - 2021
Student administrator, IT responsible
Division of Organic Chemistry, KTH
IT Manager (website development, IT support)
Student Nobel Night Cap (SNNC)
Conference co-organizer
Aulin-Erdtman Young Investigators Symposium, KTH
CAP September meeting, KTH
CBH PhD Student Council member, KTH
2011 - 2015
Student Research Council member
Kharkiv National University, Ukraine
2011 - 2014
Jury member and problem author
Conference co-organizer
CKR, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Laboratory experience

– organic synthesis (mg-scale, gram-scale)
– dry conditions (Schlenk techniques, glovebox)
– chromatography (column, preparative, automated, HPLC, GC)
– NMR (1H, 13C, 19F, 31P; COSY, DOSY, NOESY)
– UV-Vis (absorption, fluorescence, time-resolved)
– IR (Raman, basic)
other methods
– XRD (crystal growing, basic operation, structure solving)
– electrochemistry (characterization, spectroelectrochemistry, electrolysis)

Programming experience

OS: Windows, Unix (Linux, Solaris)
Version control: Git, SVN
Agile/Scrum: Azure DevOps, Redmine, Trac
Languages: C/C++, Python, Java, JS/CSS, Pascal/Delphi, Fortran, Rust
Data science: SQL, Pandas, Jupyter, NetworkX, graph-tool, data visualization
Machine learning: PyTorch, TensorFlow, scikit-learn, OpenCV
UI: Qt, PyQt, Delphi, C++ Builder; Web: Django, WordPress, JS/CSS
Design/analysis: ChemOffice, MestReNova, Avogadro, Mercury, Olex2
Computations/modeling: Gaussian, GROMACS, HyperChem, SAMSON, MOPAC

Awards & competitions

Kattis ranking: 57 (world), 37 (Sweden)
2020 - 2021
Google Code Jam semi-finalist (round 3)
2019 - 2020
Competitive programming: Master title
Best poster, CBH PhD conference
2012 - 2015
Mendeleyev scholarship, based on research performance
2011 - 2014
Scholarships based on academic performance
2012 - 2014
ACM SEERC semi-finalist
2012 - 2013
INST finalist (II place in 2012)
2009 - 2011
Ukrainian President scholarship for talented students
2009 - 2010
1st prize winner, National Mathematics Olympiad, Regional Olympiads in programming, physics, chemistry

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